Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday's Random Notes: A Day For Gratitude

Thanks to Pattinase (Patti Abbott) and her terrific blog, here, and to J. Kingston and the Rap Sheet, here, and for Megan Abbot's take on Rita Hayworth, here.  Thanks to all the fine authors and other folks at Friday's Forgotten Book sites for their recommendations, including:

Joe Barone
Paul Bishop
Paul Brazill
Bill Crider
Scott Cupp
Martin Edwards
Cullen Gallagher
Jerry House
Randy Johnson
George Kelley
K.A. Laity
B.V. Lawson
Evan Lewis
Steve Lewis/Tina Karelson
Todd Mason
Kevin McCarthy
Eric Peterson
David Rachels
James Reasoner
Ron Scheer
Kerrie Smith
Kevin Tipple

I'm mighty thankful for the new and old books on my to-be-read shelf, including:
Howard Fast, the author of Spartacus, Freedom Road, Citizen Tom Paine, and so many other works, wrote this book of Zen stories in his old age.  He says:  "After a lifetime of writing fiction, I find it more engaging to clothe whatever philosophy and conclusions that my life has brought me in stories the primarily entertain."
This is today's recommended book on books.  A brand new gem, published in January.

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