Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday's Book Covers

Among the sites I frequently visit is Killer Covers, (link), which is operated by the same proprietor as my favorite crime novel site, The Rap Sheet (link).

In the brief time that I've been blogging about books here, several people have emailed me with questions about the covers and dustjackets I have scanned.  A while back I excerpted the opening to Glendon Swarthout's Skeletons and posted a scan of the first edition dustjacket.  Someone asked me if I also had a copy of the 1981 Pocket Books edition.  I do.  The cover illustration isn't credited, but it is nicely done.  I especially like the colt on the handle.

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  1. That was one bad ass cover and Glendon Swarthout is one hell of a writer.