Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September Song

It's been raining all night.  September in the rain.  The music swells and Dinah Washington's voice, the strings lush in the background, rises again in constant refrain.

To every word of love I heard you whisper
The raindrops seemed to play a sweet refrain.

The song repeats, and when it isn't in my head, one of the other love songs from that great album takes it place.

Just a song at the start,
But it soon is a hymn to your grace.

I knew the songs before I knew my wife, but love is always and forever.  It stretches forward and back to infinity, as far as the mind can see.  It seems like Dinah Washington, long vanished from this vale, is still eternally singing about us. 

At the sound of your voice
heaven opens its portals to me.
Can I help but rejoice
that a song such as ours came to be?
But I always knew
I would live life through
with a song in my heart
for you.

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