Monday, October 31, 2011

Sunday's Halloween Eve Ramblings

Well, for teenagers, Halloween weekend is an excuse to throw a party, usually rumored in advance to become what we used to call a make-out party, which meant what our parents called necking.  I'm not sure what they would call it today, but whatever it is, it likely won't be nearly as innocent.

There used to be the occasional hayride too, the parties and hayrides always turning out to be better chaperoned than you had imagined.  Still, a chance for fun and romance.

The Sunday morning comics today were full of Halloween.  Hi & Lois found his old vampire costume.  He put it on and imitated Dracula for his kid--who considered him lame, of course.  Hi says to his wife, I thought kids today were into vampires.  Lois says, not their father's vampires.  The next scene shows a kid looking like the vampire hero in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga.

Also today, Dennis the Menace decides that kids in adorable costumes get more candy than those in scary costumes.  There is truth in that assumption.  And so now teenagers prefer the sexier bad boy costumes, and I suppose that too is only natural.

We listened to this week's Garrison Keillor Show today, which usually touches on Halloween during October.  This show's highlight was a cover of Bob Dylan's "To Make You Feel My Love" sung by Stephanie Davis and GK himself.  Lovely song the way they sing it.

If a couple were to appear at our door at Halloween today as a young Bob Dylan and Suze Rotolo, would anyone recognize them?  Grandparents, maybe.  Or great-grandparents.  I read Judy Collins' new autobiography this week. Mighty fine it is, with much about Dylan and the other singers of that era.

This evening we watched Masterpiece Mystery's last adaptation of Kate Atkinson's quirky circling mysteries, the last and best part ending fittingly at Christmas time.  The music throughout the three novel/movies was American country/folk in keeping with the musical preferences of her protagonist detective.

Thanks to the olderthanelvis blog  for a rundown of the soundtrack, here:

The Case Histories Soundtrack:Case Histories, part 1
Iris DeMent — Let the Mystery Be
Mary Gauthier — Mercy Now
Nanci Griffith — Speed of the Sound of Loneliness
Lucinda Williams — Sweet Old World
Robert Plant & Alison Krauss — Your Long Journey Home

Case Histories, part 2
Iris DeMent — I'll Take My Sorrows Straight
Mary Gauthier — Mercy Now
Gillian Welch — Paper Wings
Iris DeMent — Trouble

One Good Turn, part 1
Lucinda Williams — Bus to Baton Rouge
Eliza Gilkyson — Calm Before The Storm
Public Enemy — Fight the Power
Gillian Welch — Paper Wings
Eliza Gilkyson — When You Walk On

One Good Turn, part 2
Kylie Minogue — 2 Hearts
Lucinda Williams — Blue
Eliza Gilkyson — Calm Before the Storm
Gillian Welch — Paperwings

When Will There Be Good News? part 1
Zero 7 — Destiny
Lori McKenna — Drinkin' Problem
Doris Day — Let It Snow
Mary Gauthier — Mercy Now
Gillian Welch — Paper Wings

When Will There Be Good News? part 2
Mary Gauthier — Mercy Now
Gillian Welch — Paper Wings
Kris Delmhorst — Since You Went Away
Joan as Police Woman — The Magic
The xx — Vcr
Macy Gray — Winter Wonderland

Atkinson's detective gets beat around more than any other detective in memory since James Rockford in The Rockford Files.  And Rockford fans, don't miss J. Kingston Pierce's terrific new interview with James Garner, at this link.

The gang of black clouds
that had slipped into town under cover of darkness
now loitered on the horizon like unemployed ghosts,
impatient already for the night
when they could begin their Halloween pranks.

The lightning from the night before
now hangs upside down in the mountains
like a recharging bat,
waiting out the day in electric slumber.

Below, a scavenger wind runs the frosted fields,
ribbed and mangy and terribly lonesome
for its buddy the bat up there,
snoring sparks in the tree limbs..."

--Ken Kesey, Sometimes A Great Notion

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