Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Humorous Political Books

Politics has never been funnier than in the current Republican primary.  Adding to the hilarity, for me, is the Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert stuff plus my tandem reading of Thomas Frank's PITY THE BILLIONAIRE and Jason Heller's TAFT: 2012.

I kid you not, in TAFT: 2012President Taft disappears the day Woodrow Wilson takes office and reappears in the fall of 2011 and enters the Republican primary.

It is a semi-epistolary novel, full of memos and dispatches that are fun to read, given Taft's positions on trusts and foreign policy and the humorous juxtapostions.  I had to go on line and look up Taft's history to see how much was genuine and I was amazed.

It is both funny and sad, but you might as well laugh.

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